The reviews are in—Beatnik Shindig was a hit!

We asked you what you thought, and you responded. Read what a few Beatnik Shindig attendees had to say about the experience.

I would highly recommend this conference to anyone who has a love interest in poetry, literature and music. It was great seeing so many people come together for this event.

~ Kathy, San Francisco

So much talent, creativity, knowledge and fun all in one glorious weekend!!

~ Jeri, Marin County

The Beatnik Shindig is an event designed to introduce a wide audience to the Beat experience. All were welcomed and given ample opportunities to learn about Beat culture.

~ David, Novato, CA

The Beatnik Shindig was a wonderful time! It gave new insight to the best generation! I will be definitely be back next year and will be bringing more people with me! I wouldn’t miss it.

~ Heather, Seattle, WA

Serious Beat nerdery and tasty rare books for sale. What more do you want out of life?

~ Sean, San Francisco

Some of the people doing shows and readings are living legends the younger generations need to see and experience to learn their history. The Beat Shindig gives every generation that chance.

~ Rain, San Francisco

Thank you for keeping this historic era alive with the Beat Museum and events like this Shindig!

~ Lou, Vallejo, CA

I met in real life people whose work I have read and folks with whom I have corresponded for 20+ years. I don’t travel any more, and to have this gathering in San Francisco was a dream come true. I’ll attend every time the sponsors offer the opportunity. The Beats are not gone, and the spirit of those who are departed still lingers.

~ Dennis, Crockett, CA

Attended both days of the Beatnik Shindig and thoroughly enjoyed all the sessions I attended. An incredible, diverse variety of programs and speakers that stimulated my intellect, whetted my literary appetite and allowed me the luxury of revisiting one of the most interesting eras in San Francisco history.

~ Monica, San Francisco

A great event for all ages and all genres. From art to words this event has it all. The local scene of the beatniks is still just as local and hip as it was in the beginning. This event is a great place for inspiration, imagination and good times.

~ Christopher, San Francisco

A fantastic conference! Was so excited to be able to meet one of my favorite authors, Dennis McNally along with Jamie Cassady, the daughter of one of my lifelong heroes Neal Cassady. Really enjoyed the one-on-one conversations I had with these great people.

~ Laryssa, Johnstown, PA

A wonderful immersion in beat history and literature, and a continuing expression of today’s beat spirit.

~ Erich, San Francisco

The Beatnik Shindig is a great occasion to attend presentations by Beat scholars and experts, enjoy Beat poetry performed to music, and mingle with like-minded Beat enthusiasts.

~ Douglas, Fremont, CA

“It was totally fantastic. One of the most memorable intellectual experiences I have ever had.”

~ Ron, Sierra Madre, CA

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