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So, dig this, Daddio! The Beatnik Shindig is gonna be a gas involving over four dozen hep cats and kittens and three dozen different gigs and it will be The Living End. Speakers are flying in from all over Cubesville, USA to wail at The Shindig. It’s gonna be a groove, man, but we can’t control those silver birds, dig? Nor can we predict Shakytown or bridge boomerangs, or anything else the Squares call “Acts of the Almighty.” So if any gig cops a breeze or if there’s some other kind of bad scene due to one of those Almighty Acts, we’re gonna get your Washingtons back to you, baby, dig?

Bottom line, Stan, if we cancel a session for any reason, we’ll give you your dough back. If a session you purchased a ticket for takes place & you miss it for any reason, it’s on you. We got your back, Jack!