Free Events

Free Sessions to be held at SF Public Library’s Reader’s Bookstore.
Be sure to check out free poetry events all day Saturday and Sunday.

Saturday, June 27
Self Publishing in 2015
Joe Donohoe
Are you thinking of Self Publishing but you don’t know where to turn? Creator and editor of counterculture magazine Specious Species, now in its 7th issue, provides valuable insight on topics from printing options to gathering quality content.
Readers Bookstore, Bldg. C
10:30-11:30 – Free (limited seating)
10:00to 4:00
Hudson Car Show
The apron that surrounds the historic Firehouse Building at Fort Mason Center will be showcasing a number of late 1940s/early 1950s Hudsons, brought to you by the Hudson Club of Northern California. A full compliment of Commodores, Hornets and Wasps will be on hand for your viewing pleasure. This is the car that won Neal Cassady’s heart along with America’s racing world due to its low center of gravity (step down technology and unibody frame) allowing it to take the turns like it was riding on rails.
In front of the Firehouse
Poetry Writing Workshop Teaching Session
Neeli Cherkovski
“Are you trying to sound like Allen Ginsberg but coming off like Scooby-Doo? Learn how you can ‘Howl’ like a Beat Poet with your own authentic voice!” Beginners welcome.
Readers Bookstore, Bldg. C
2:00-3:00 – Free, No Ticket Required
Young Scholars Discuss The Beats Panel w/ students
Hilary Holladay
Alexandra Parker, Peter Mulcahy, Jr. & Logan Hill
Beat Movement scholar Hilary Holladay presents three of her former students from James Madison University in a wide-ranging Beat Generation panel. Alexandra Parker examines the life and recently published writings of poet Elise Cowen; Peter Mulcahy, Jr. discusses the prose, themes, and motivations of Herbert Huncke; and Logan Hill focuses on Jack Kerouac’s Duluoz Legend and Essentials of Spontaneous Prose.
Readers Bookstore, Bldg. C
4:00-5:15 – Free (limited seating)
Sunday, June 28
Wake Up Beatnik Shindig Style! Exercise
Kay Taylor
Start your day like Maynard G. Krebs and Zelda chasing Dobie Gillis. Like, exercise? Whoa…Beatnik Yoga. Beginners welcome! Taught by Kay Taylor from InnerStellar Pilates & Yoga.
Room C220, Bldg. C
9:00-10:00 – Free, No Ticket Required
The Politics of Poetry Presentation
Jack Hirschman
Poetry is an art form that affects every day life. Poetry can inspire, poetry can soothe and poetry can make a political statement. Great poetry can do all three!
Readers Bookstore, Bldg. C
12:00-1:15 – Free, No Ticket Required (limited seating)
Delivery is Everything: Developing Your Authentic Reading Voice Presentation
Agneta Falk
We’ve all seen poets or writers whose work we admire, and yet when we hear them read we realize their work would be much more effective if it could be delivered in an authentic and effective way. Here’s your opportunity to learn about keeping an audience engaged with a powerful delivery that is true to who you are.
Readers Bookstore, Bldg. C
2:00-3:00 – Free (limited seating)
All Day
Free Action in the Fleet Room
The centrally located Fleet Room will be functioning as our activity room for The Beatnik Shindig. This large room will be hosting our vendor tables, cash bar and center stage where you’ll be treated to some of San Francisco’s best jazz combos and poets (Poets for the Masses).
Fleet Room, Fort Mason Center

* Tickets not required for these events. First come, first served. Buy a VIP Wristband to ensure you get priority seating.