Eric Drooker

Eric Drooker is a painter, graphic novelist, and third-generation New Yorker, born and raised on Manhattan Island. His paintings have appeared on dozens of covers of The New Yorker, and hang in numerous collections, while his graphics and street posters are a familiar sight in the global street art movement. He won the American Book Award for Flood! A Novel in Pictures, soon followed by Blood Song, and Howl: A Graphic Novel. He was Animation Designer for the film, Howl, and was later hired by DreamWorks Animation. He had previously collaborated with Ginsberg himself on the book Illuminated Poems. Drooker gives frequent slide lectures about art, politics, and the changing urban landscape. His dramatic slide presentation is a favorite event at colleges and universities throughout the U.S. and Europe. He regularly draws from the figure, and is presently working on a series of nude paintings for an upcoming book. Drooker divides his time between New York City and Berkeley, CA.