Connect with kindred spirits—writers, scholars, poets, filmmakers and casual fans will mingle and celebrate what we all love about the Beat Generation. Join us for movies, panel discussions, art exhibits, books signings, parties, poetry readings, jazz and a whole lot more! Members of the original Beats will be in attendance as well as friends of Kerouac, Cassady, Ginsberg, and Burroughs.


Interest in The Beats has reached an all-time high with the publication of dozens of new works, as well as a number of high profile feature-length motion pictures. Today people are discovering and embracing the Beats at a greater and greater rate, likely due to this decade’s wave of mainstream films from Howl, to On the Road, to Kill Your Darlings to Big Sur. The fans of the Beat Generation have been yearning for a gathering where they can gain more knowledge and share their interests.

In 1982, Allen Ginsberg hosted the first of the great Beat Conferences at Naropa Institute in Boulder Colorado on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the publication of On the Road.

A decade later, Ginsberg was instrumental in bringing forth two great events at NYU in New York City in 1994 and 1995.

And many Kerouac fans are well aware of the magnificent work Lowell Celebrates Kerouac has been doing since the 1980s to keep Jack’s spirit alive in his hometown.

Starting this June 2015, The Beat Museum is picking up the torch and filling the void that has existed for the last 20 years. Arguably located at Beat ground zero—North Beach San Francisco—The Beat Museum is launching an annual Beat Generation Conference to gather together scholars, academics, biographers, poets, musicians, artists and other lovers of the Beats.