CA Modern: Beat-era revival and literary three-ring circus

ca-modernFrom CA Modern Magazine:

Once hip and happening, today the Beatnik scene that flourished in San Francisco’s North Beach, among other locales, can seem antique and ancient.

But it won’t seem that way the weekend of June 26-28, when original beatniks and their friends and family take over Fort Mason and its environs.

The organizers say it will be the “largest Beat Generation Conference to be held in twenty years”—since 1995, when Allen Ginsberg ran an event at New York University.

“It’s not an academic conference, but it will have a lot of weight and gravitas,” say Jerry Cimino, who runs San Francisco’s Beat Museum and is sponsoring the event. “But we named it the ‘Beatnik Shindig’ to show that it’s going to be fun, too. There will be 50 to 100 poets spontaneously erupting in different places.”

Poets David Meltzer, ruth weiss (that’s how she spells it), and musician David Amram, who were all part of the scene, will appear. Sons and daughters of other Beatnik luminaries will be there, including those of Neal and Carolyn Cassady.

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