Broke-Ass Stuart: “…people who smoked weed with Neal Cassady.”

beatniksFrom Broke-Ass Stuart:

“Through sprawls of twisting novels, jolting poetry, and a touch of drugs, a clique of artists belonging to the late ‘50s crafted the Beat legacy. At the peak of their activity, general America viewed them as destructive, wicked, and super gay. Naturally, bookstores and classrooms now showcase their work around the country, relishing the Beats’ 60-year influence in the artistic community.

“The movement itself started in North Beach, and the work that followed inarguably reflects San Francisco values. These popular Beat themes include celebrating the restlessness of youth and telling preexisting social norms to go fuck themselves. The Beats slapped San Francisco so hard that even today you can hear it described by Minnesota residents as, ‘Oh, yeah. That place with those Beatniks.'”

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